Fact Friday # 1! – Napoleon I

Fact Friday #1! Napoleon Bonaparte

Hello and welcome to Fact Friday! This is a new series we will be bringing to you every week, that will feature a card, and the historic content surrounding it! Every week we will showcase a new card, and involve some facts that go along with it. We hope you enjoy this series, and look forward to each weeks card and facts!


Napoleon Fact Friday 1


This week’s card is Napoleon I! Napoleon I has a cost of 9, but if being played to acquire new card, has a buying power of 3 Guldens. His Empire Value is 5, making him a pretty decent card! He comes in the 4th class, and is a group card, meaning while being played as part of a group, his Empire Value will count twice!


Napoleon Bonaparte was King of the French from 1769 – 1821. He supported the french revolution, and under his command he lead the revolutionary armies accross Europe. In 1799 he became First Consul, and therefore was the sole ruler of the French.  After a vote, he was offered the title of Emperor, and in the December of 1804, he crowned himself Emperor of the french, while in the presence of Pope Pius VII. He was a popular ruler for years, known for being very short. He ruled until his final defeat at Waterloo in Belgium, and this loss has become proverbial.


For more history on Napoleon, check out http://www.history.com/topics/napoleon, for facts and other information on his life. Hope you enjoyed, we’ll see you next week, for Fact Friday # 2!

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