Fact Friday #2! – Ferdinand III

Hello and welcome back to Fact Friday! We hope you guys enjoy this series, and we will continue to bring it every week! This week we have Ferdinand III!
Fact Friday 2 - Ferdinand III
Ferdinand III has a cost of 8, but if being played to acquire new card, has a buying power of 4 Guldens. His Empire Value is 3, making him an average card. He comes in the 2nd class, and is a not group card. We really like the art on this card, and hope you like it too!

Ferdinand III was Archduke of Austria; from 1636 Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and ruler of the Habsburg monarchy until his death in 1657.  During the Thirty Years’ War he was nominally entrusted with the command of the imperial troops after the assassination of the commander Wallenstein. Strengthened by some military successes, he was elected Roman King shortly before his father Ferdinand II died. He followed him as Emperor and tried to make a peace. Ferdinand was enthusiastic about the arts, he was the first composer of the Habsburgs.

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