Fact Friday #3! – Charles V

Welcome back everyone, I’m here with Fact Friday #3! Hope you guys are still enjoying this series, this week we have a beautiful card for you, Charles V!


Charles V has a cost of 9, but if being played to get a new card from the marketplace, he has a buying power of 3 Guldens. Charles V also has an empire value of 5, and with some AWESOME artwork, I really like this card!

A little bit about Charles V, he was born in Ghent (Belgium) on 24 February 1500 and died at San Jerónimo de Yuste (Spain) on 21 September 1558. Charles V was one of the most powerful European rulers of all times, reigning over territories in Europe and the Americas. In his European dominions he had to deal with the challenges of the religious conflicts between Catholicism and Protestantism. He also waged numerous wars against France and the Ottoman Empire. When he finally abdicated as emperor, the title passed to the Austrian Habsburgs.

In the power of Charles, the Habsburgs attained the status of a Great Power for the first time. Extending over several continents, his dominions were referred to often as the empire ‘on which the sun never set’.

Well that’s it for this week! Stay tuned for info upcoming on the closed beta! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! We hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you guys next week.

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