Fact Friday # 4! – Eugene of Savoy!

Hello again everyone! Hope you are all doing well, were back with another Fact Friday! Our team is working hard, testing A LOT of different things out, and we hope to get you in to the closed beta soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for that! This weeks Fact Friday features Eugene of Savoy!


Eugene comes in the third class, coming with a cost of 7. When played, he has a buying power of 2 Guldens. Eugene also has an Empire Value of 3, and some AWESOME art work. The Dark ghostly look to this card really gives it a nice look.

Eugene was born on 18. Oct 1663, and lived a very important life until he died on 21. Apr 1736. He is regarded as one of the most important military commanders and statesmen in Austrian history. His rise through the Military rankings started with fighting in Hungary against the retreating Turks. Prince Eugene rose from colonel to major general in 1685 and to lieutenant general in 1687. Wounded at Belgrade in 1688 and again at Mainz the following year, he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Savoy in 1691, where he showed a political understanding equal to his military talents. In 1693 he was named field marshal, the highest rank in the imperial service. In 1697 he was given the supreme command of imperial forces in Hungary, and on September 11 he destroyed the much larger Turkish army at Zenta. Leopold I gratefully rewarded Eugene with honors and estates, which, together with his share of the enormous booty won at Zenta, made him one of the richest men in Europe.

In 1716 Eugene undertook another campaign in Hungary, where the Turkish menace arose once again. His victories at Peterwardein and Belgrade in August led to the triumphant Peace of Passarowitz in 1718 and to the end of the Turkish threat to Europe.

During the years of peace that followed, Eugene’s political influence waned. Though he was still involved in the pressing military and political affairs of Austria, his relationship with Charles VI was cool. Eugene turned more and more to his books and gardens, his menagerie of exotic animals, his paintings, and his buildings.

In addition, Prince Eugene was one of the most important patrons of art and science in Vienna during the Baroque era: his Belvedere summer palace in Vienna or his country seat Schloss Hof are among the major creations of the Austrian Baroque, while his precious collection of books is one of the jewels in the crown of the Austrian National Library.

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