I love 2D-Games or why are 3D-Games stealing my Illusion!

Well yes I’m an old guy in this business. I was born in 1975, and as I started with video-games it was a really very exciting time. Simply because everything was, in opposite to today, just rare. We’ve had rare hardware, we started with Commodore-C16 & C64, you even might not know those “things”.


We’ve had rare software, we learned to code by ourselves and have been greedy for code-listings printed in rarely magazines! We typed in listings for days to get this amazing “Listing of the month” into our machine, just to realize that it did not even start! Games were rare at the beginning, until the hype for the C-64 that brought so many great and fantastic games that still have there influence nowadays. I loved that time, and I loved so many of those games, it was a really exciting time! Check out  some of those great ones:

The Last Ninja I
The Bard’s Tale
Great Giana Sisters

What this games all have in common was that they greatly inspired your illusion.
A thing that nowadays is not considered enough in game development in my opinion, the opposite is the case, the illusion is deranged by many things, and this is where 3D Engines with all the great possibilities comes in!
Illusion is something that happens in your head, it is the same with games as if you read a book. Illusion needs its freedom and its space.
Photorealistic rendering, perfect lightning & great perspectives with real-time performance are taking this freedom and space in your mind.
I really like Unity and it’s competitors and never would say that you can not make great games with this fantastic tools, but however, it is way harder than it ever was before.
This is simply because it is so hard work to bring the illusion “back”, it is so hard work to let it not look “cheap”!

I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but if I look through Steam-Greenlight (or even greenlit games!) there are so many, yes far too many, unity-demos…
I could not call this games, and I could not even imagine to waste time with this.
I really would love to hear what you think of this!

Thanks for reading, Wolfgang!

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