VEmpire – we want it to be the best…

Our ambitious goal


My Name is Wolfgang and I’m the lead developer of an ambitious team located in Graz, Austria. As Austrians it was always our dream to make a game about the history of the Hapsburg – Dynasty.

On the other side we’ve found real dedication for card games over the last years.

This is, I guess, for several reasons. Card games are ‘honest’ games, this means that with card games the game experience is clear and transparent, the player is very ‘close’ to the core sense of gaming.

Even if the random factor is high, the player has (mostly) great motivation to improve.

Especially “Deckbuilding-Games” with its clever mechanics, which provide same chances to all players during play, have piqued our interest. Although “VEmpire” is influenced by games as “Dominion” and “Ascension” the design of the game is fresh and appealing.

This is because from the very beginning we’ve highly focused on the game-mechanics which are not just unique but also clever fused with the games theme (check out the ‘groups’ mechanics!).

It is our dedicated goal to combine the depth of a trading card game with the accessibility and pace of a Deckbuilding-Game.


Even if there are many digital card games out there, good digital Deckbuilding-Games are still rare. With the help and support of a community which is as passionate as we are, we can make the best digital Deckbuilding-Game out there.

So, if we’ve ‘trapped’ you in any way, join us, tell us what you think, and ask us whatever you want. However, we promise you to work as hard as we can to make the best digital Deckbuilding experience ever.

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