Why VEmpire?

In the meantime many people have asked me “Why a game like VEmpire?” or “How would you compete with Hearthstone?”

Well, I don’t believe we could compete against this, but we don’t even want, because

– Although nearly everyone has tried Hearthstone there are enough players out there who simply do not like this kind of games ‘too’ much (like me…)

– Hearthstone has been doing a great job in increasing the market for card games in general, only such big vendors can do this – great for us!

– VEmpire is going to be no TCG/CCG, so no free to play, no card trading, no misbalancing, no pay to win at the end, it is a deck-building game like Dominion or Ascension, just a fast paced funny game against the AI or a friend, maybe after a round Hearthstone or HEX or MTG, that’s the goal.

There are just a few digital deck building games out there because from 10 new
card games 9 are TCGs/CCGs, simply because the business-model has lead to the game design.
And this is really sad because TCGs have truly a hard standing, usually the most of them died after a short period of time due to the fact that the developers have under estimated the trading part of the game.
And even if they can manage this, it is very hard to pull TCG audience from the current vendors, simply because who will build (buy!) his (expensive) decks in more than one TCG?
This is were deck-building games come into play. Just pure fast-paced strategic gameplay with simple mechanics, no rarities, no misbalancing no pay for cards mechanics.
So, to come to an end, we are not trying to compete against those ‘big’ card-games, but we believe we could extend the variety of digital card game experiences with a smart, fancy and atmospheric product that is not just different but also accessible and deep in it’s gameplay.

And last but not least we are very excited about making this game, because we think that besides the unique mechanics in VEmpire also the story and theme are outstanding.
While most other games are ‘just fantasy’ our story is history based, pointing at the days gone and it’s rulers from a different, artistic and terrific angle.

Hopefully you will like VEmpire as much as we do, however i promise we are trying our best in the meantime;-)

Best, Wolfgang

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