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Well – this is a game developers view on VEmpire, the first one (more will come), i guess it’s interesting for you if you are a game-dev and have been struggling with the same issues as we did. From HTML5 to ‘Chassa’ to Native   For us, as we are C++ and C# developers for decades […]

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VEmpire – What is it?

 “Indeed, VEmpire is the first history-based digital DeckBuilding-Game… though more important: this really feels amazing…”   a “pre-Alpha” Screenshot (iPAD Size) of VEmpire Who are we? My name is Wolfgang, i’m the lead-dev of a small dev-team from graz in austria. Since nearly two years now we are working on this project in our spare-time. We’ve been […]

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VEmpire atmosphere

How VEmpire turns history into an epic atmosphere. Check out “Frederik III, The Fair” turned into a terrific Vampire…

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Why VEmpire?

In the meantime many people have asked me “Why a game like VEmpire?” or “How would you compete with Hearthstone?” Well, I don’t believe we could compete against this, but we don’t even want, because – Although nearly everyone has tried Hearthstone there are enough players out there who simply do not like this kind […]

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VEmpire – Videos

Launch-Trailer: Gameplay-Trailer: Gameplay-Videos from Eddie Rodriguez: The new announcement trailer:   Gameplay video:   Check out our first Videos, more is coming soon…  

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Hello! We have been working on VEmpire with passion and dedication since over a year now. We have decided to announce what this game is going to be and to show what we have so far to provide a first feeling for what could be expected. We hope we can gather first valuable feedback from […]

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Welcome to projectZOOM! Check out our recent games here: Enjoy!

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