VEmpire -The Card-Types II

As promised – here it is –  the sequel of the VEmpire Card-Types series.

Today it is all about – you guess right – the most important Cards in VEmpire – the Vampire-Cards!

Vampire Cards

The Vampire Cards are the most important cards in VEmpire.
The Vampire Kings, Queens, Dukes, Emperors and Empresses represent the Hapsburg Dynasties Rulers.
Vampire Cards belong to one of four specific Classes.
Each Class is equivalent with a specific time-period. For the Vampire cards this means that the original characters had lived at this time.
At the beginning of the game the player can select the Class he wants to play with. This means that he tries to build his “Empire” with characters of this Class.
Therefore both players have its “private” cards (Vampire-Cards of the selected class) available for acquiring at the Market-Place (The Middle-Deck!) exclusively.
What is even more important is the fact that each class has it’s own specialities regarding the composition of the deck.
More about this in one of the next game-design Posts.

The “Classes” in VEmpire are:

Class I => 1237-1477 (240 Years)
Class II => 1477-1648 (171 Years)
Class III => 1648-1792 (144 Years)
Class IV => 1792-1914 (122 Years)

Vampire Cards provide guldens and power-points.
Therefore you can play them for acquiring new cards or play them into your Empire to power up your Empire Value.

Furthermore some, but not all, Vampire-Cards belong to Groups. Groups can consist of 2 or 3 cards that belong together.
(For example a married couple e.g.: Sisi & Franz Joseph)
Groups are the most valuable Entities in VEmpire. If a whole Group is played into the Players Empire their Empire-Values counts twice. Otherwise if a Group is not completely played into the Empire its cards does not count at all.

Group1: A married couple – Philip The Fair & Joan The Mad – a sweet pair isn’t it?

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