VEmpire – The Card-Types

In VEmpire there are four different types of cards, i want to give a short overview:

  • Vampire Cards, with different subclasses

    These cards are the Main Cards in the game; they were
    played for acquiring new cards with their Gulden Value or
    for revaluating the Empire with their Power (or Empire) Value!

from the upcoming ‘VEmpire-Rulebook’
  • Location Cards

    These are permanent cards, they can only be played into
    the Empire, and there they usually provide additional
    Guldens, every turn. Additionally these cards can provide
    the ability to hold cards in your hand.


  • Realm Cards

    They are just like Vampire Cards. The difference is that
    they do not belong to a specific class and they are usually not
    characters, they are expensive but powerfull.

  • Spell Cards

    They were played on the board, provide their abilities
    and went into the players Discard Pile!

    For the different spell-types stay tuned for one of the next blog-posts!


All cards can have all or at least one (Cost!) of the main properties:

  • Cost, the value in the top green label => Price of a card
  • Power, the value in the bottom right blue label => Empire value
  • Gulden, the value in the bottom left golden label => Bucks for
    buying cards

Additional attributes on the “VEmpire” cards are:

  • Name
  • Text
  • Flavor Text
  • Class Info
  • Card-Type (see above)
  • Group (optional)
  • Cost
  • Gulden
  • Power
  • The “Holded” Hand (temporary)

This was just a rough overview of the card-types and its main properties, more details will be coming soon!

Best Regards, Wolfgang

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