VEmpire Learning Lesson 2

Theme & Story


They have been known throughout the centuries as the lords and ladies of Habsburg. European high-born.
Influencers of men, manipulating the very fabric of human society across the four corners of the Earth.
Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the detriment… always to their own ends.
In time, as man and the world evolved, their dynasty, like all dynasties before it, dwindled as the last
vermillion rays of the setting sun.
But even as the lords of Habsburg seceded power in the early 20th century and slipped into a slumber far
removed from the public eye, their name and influence remained.
A peculiar, unrelenting resilience.
One that’s led me to my exhaustive studies for over twenty years academic pursuit which reveals a terrifying truth…
The lords of Habsburg are immortal.
Nonhuman stewards of the secret of blood-the knowledge of its memory and power, and the dark magic to wield it.
They are creatures of the night
And their sleep is over.



Four lords of Habsburg have returned from the grave, intent on rebuilding their once great empire.
By sheer luck, or perhaps divine will, they return in disaccord.
Recalling the power from four distinct eras of history, each lord seeks to rebuild the empire in their own image.
They beckon forth kin of old to sit beside them, and use blood secrets from battles and events of days remembered.
I fear they will stop at nothing to attain their desires.
With God’s grace, they will destroy themselves in the process.
If not, I pray the world will believe my journals and witness the truth behind…
VEmpire: The Kings Of Darkness.

– Jakob, The Chronicler  ‘3 October


The history of the Hapsburg dynasty is the inspiration for our extraordinary theme.
Our artists did an amazing job in turning mighty rulers into terrific vampires. Our cards are subtle interpretations
of historical characters, places and events.

We love to look at VEmpire as an atmospheric blend of game-mechanics, artwork, story and music.
Hopefully you will enjoy this experience as much as we do!