VEmpire Learning Lesson 3



VEmpire is a digital deck-building game.

A deck-building game is a turn-based card game where building a powerful deck is part of the game
itself – in opposite to a CCG (Collectible Card-Game) where the deck is being assembled before the match starts.

In a typical deck-building game both players start with a weak start-deck.
They can acquire better cards with a “currency” that the already owned cards are providing!

All cards that have been played within one turn and have not gone into the graveyard, usually go back into
the players discard pile at the end of the turn.
This is also true for newly acquired cards as also for cards that remained in the players hand.
This way – all those cards will be drawn (again) later!

At the beginning of the game and at the end of each turn, just before it’s the opponent’s turn, a new hand of five
cards is drawn from your deck.
If your deck is empty, your discard-pile will be shuffled and become the new deck.
All cards, which lead to victory (or defeat) are available within the game through normal play!