VEmpire Learning Lesson 5



The most important cards in VEmpire are Vampire- & Realm-Cards, they provide empire- and/or gulden-values.
They can be played into the Empire or used at the Market-Place for acquiring new cards with their gulden-values.
If played into the Empire the cards will stay there, if played for acquiring they will go back into your Discard-Pile after the turn.
The 9 Mercenaries in the start-deck are also Realm-Cards!



Group-Cards are special Vampire- & Realm-Cards that belong together (⚭ symbol).
They are the most powerful entities in VEmpire and you can easily identify them on their golden border.
If a whole group is being played into the player’s Empire their values will count twice, otherwise their empire-points will not count at all!
Additionally: If a group is being entirely played into the Empire within one turn, one extra empire-point is added per card!




Three types of Power-Cards are available:

If you acquire a card of this type it goes into your Hand immediately


If you play a card of this type into your Empire you can take any card from
the Market-Place into your Hand without paying it’s cost!


If you play a card of this type into your Empire further cards will be drawn
from your Deck!



After Locations-Cards are played into your Empire they provide additional gulden- and hold-values permanently.
One hold-value means that you can hold one card in your Hand until the next turn!
They can be played into the Empire only, but be careful they can also be banished by your opponent with a spell-card!



Spell-Cards provide additional effects immidiately if played.
All Spell-Cards can only be used once and go into the Graveyard after they have been played – as long as it is
not declared differently on the card!
The basic structure of a Spell-Card:


Get a feeling of the various additional effects and posibilities that Spell-Cards are providing: