VEmpire Learning Lesson 5



The most important cards in VEmpire are Attack- & Empire-Cards.
Use Attack-Cards to build up your offensive army! They go to discard-pile after attacking and you can use them again later, for attacking or for acquiring better cards at the Market-Place if it provides guldens also.

Play Empire-Cards into your Empire to strengthen your power, or,  same as attack-cards, play them for “Spend” to the Market-Place for acquiring new cards with their gulden-values.
If played into the Empire the cards will stay there, if played for “Spend” they will go back into your Discard-Pile after the turn.
The 9 Mercenaries in the start-deck are also Empire-Cards!







Group-Cards are special Vampire-Cards that belong together (⚭ symbol).
They are the most powerful entities in VEmpire and you can easily identify them on their golden border.
If a whole group is being played into the player’s Empire their values will count twice! A complete group will also increase the Mercenary-Limit by one!
Additionally: If a group is being entirely played into the Empire within one turn, one extra empire-point is added per card!




Three types of Power-Cards are available:

If you acquire a card of this type it goes into your Hand immediately


If you play a card of this type into your Empire you can take any card from
the Market-Place without paying it’s cost!


If you play a card of this type into your Empire further cards will be drawn
from your Deck!



After Locations-Cards are played into your Empire they provide additional gulden- and hand-values permanently.
One hand means that you can hold one card in your Hand until the next turn!
Locations-Cards can be played into the Empire only, but be careful they can also be banished by your opponent with a spell-card!



Spell-Cards provide additional effects immidiately if played.
All Spell-Cards, except draw-spells, can only be used once and go into the Graveyard after they have been played – as long as it is
not declared differently on the card!
The basic structure of a Spell-Card:


Get a feeling of the various additional effects and posibilities that Spell-Cards are providing: