VEmpire Learning Lesson 6



Yes, to be honest, we are a small team of guys who are totally amateurs – ‘indies’ if you want 😉

But hey: we are very passionate about what we love the most: creating games!
We truly believe that some kind of “obsession” is a necessity to create something really outstanding.
And yes, believe me, we are completely obsessed by this game, maybe it has something to do with
the theme, seems that this ancient might is slowly grabbing our souls…

Our team of creatives is widespread all over the world but development is solely done in Graz (Austria) by one
crazy guy – me…
My name is wolfgang and I’m the project owner,  I’m married and I have 5 great boys.
Austria might be famous for many things (Arnold Schwarzenegger?), but certainly not for video-games!
Anyway – the idea for this game is a very ‘austrian’ one:
– I wanted the famous Habsburgs to finally shine a little differently…

What really matters to me: Your opinion about our work!
The more you love our game – the better we can make it…


After almost four years of work the game is done in it’s core, also the hard parts like PvP.
We’ve also had a successful alpha & beta-phase and gathered great feedback from our players.
Many suggestions from you have found the way into the upcoming release of the game, and have made the game to an
even more exciting experience – thanks to all your support and contribution!

Although Steam-Greenlight is being retired in the meantime – the game has also been greenlit on steam, thanks to our amazing community!

VEmpire will hit Early-Access on Steam in August 2017, so stay tuned!



Please follow the project here:

VEmpire: Epic Deck-building Game


I hope that VEmpire pique your interest and excitement.
Thanks for reading & looking forward to your feedback!

much love,